108 Days of Dharma

The Next Phase

Having spent the first two months of lockdown tending the sacred flame of Padmaloka through intensifying our practice of meditation, ritual, study, friendship, work and community, as well as by being in personal communication with many men and sending out weekly talks from Padmavajra and community diaries, that flame is now primed and ready to shine and expand further beyond the borders of the Lotus Realm.

For 108 days we will be making Dharma offerings every day.

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For many of these days this will take the form of online study seminars run by the ordination team, aimed at helping men to continue to train for ordination and deepen their Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels.

There will also be two 6-day online meditation weeks led by Satyaraja, open to all men who are either mitras or Order members, which will provide the support, input and programme needed to lead you through 6 days of intensive meditation and ritual in your home.

On the 5th of July we'll be celebrating the festival of Dharma Day by offering a full online festival programme to everyone worldwide, including live streamed meditations and rituals from the Shrine Room and a live talk by Padmavajra.

All these online events will be run on a donation basis. You can see the full programme on our events page.

A Garland of Red Lotus Flowers

On each of the days between our programme of online events Padmavajra will be releasing 10 minute videos, each of which will contain reflections on short and essential teachings from the great Buddhist masters, helping you to generate a more vivid awareness of the practice of the Bodhisattva Path in your daily life.

These videos will be accessible to everyone worldwide who chooses to subscribe by giving a donation.

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Whether or not you choose to join us for any of these 108 days of Dharma, we hope you are able to keep your sources of inspiration strong and that you can continue to engage creatively with whatever life brings during this time.

Lots of love,
The Padmaloka Community