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Decorating the front porch

Padmasambhava’s realm

thank you for your generous contribution to the development of Padmaloka.

Without your help we would not be able to improve Padmaloka’s facilities.

It’s been another year of upgrading Padmaloka and with yours and others support we will be able to continue this work.

“Mutual helpfulness in leading the spiritual life-
such is the foundation of the Buddha Land” – Sangharakshita.

Why do we need your ongoing financial support?

Padmaloka as a retreat centre, is itself subject to impermanence and needs on going care and development to continue to provide good conditions for men wishing to come on retreat here.

Help Padmaloka go green

In the last several years we have become increasingly greener, and at the same time have continued to keep retreat costs the same. Projects included re-roofing, insulation, vehicle LPG conversion and solar hot water. longer-term projects for energy solutions are double glazing, solar panels and installing a greener low Co2 heating system.

Shrine room iconography project

There is also our on going visionary project to commission Aloka to fill our shrine room with images of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

In order for us to continue with these important projects,
please consider contributing towards our vision

Ways you can give dana to Padmaloka

A monthly standing order will really help benefit our on going development vision. One off Cash donations or Cheques (payable to ‘fwbo Surlingham’) are also appreciated, and if you can gift aid your donation we can claim 25% more on what you have given.

Make an online Donation

In death

For dana beyond the grave… you can even make Padmaloka a beneficiary in your will to benefit future generations. Please pick up one of our ‘Dana beyond the grave’ flyers for more information.

“Padmaloka is very dear to me, especially as it occupies an important place
in the life and work of our movement, and I hope it will continue to receive widespread support “ – Sangharakshita

Thank you so much!