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The Lions Roar

"The Buddha has the lion's roar, the sound of a thundering cloud, he has the divine voice, like the highest of gods."

When the lion roars in the jungle, all other beasts go silent - they know the king of beasts is around and has proclaimed his sovereignty. The Buddha's communication of the Dharma is likened to the lion's roar. When the Buddha communicates the Truth is proclaimed in all its fullness and the only thing to do then is to listen well and heed what is said because this truth will set us free from all the limitations that we impose on ourselves.

This weekend, we will be opening up to the Buddha's Lion's Roar in a variety of ways. In the course of the weekend, Padmavajra will be speaking on the Buddha's Lion's Roar and show how it continues to roar today.

There will also be an opportunity to put questions to Padmavajra about his talk. As well as that, we will be meditating together, performing puja and meeting in discussion groups.

Don't miss out on a chance to get to grips with yourself in the light of the Dharma, alongside friends and with the guidance of one of the Padmaloka elders.

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