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May Grace Abound and Victory

The next study seminar coming up this Saturday for men training for Ordination within Europe.

Urgyen Sangharakshita once said that the chanting of the Pali Tiratana Vandana – the Salutation to the Three Jewels – is the morning puja of the Triratna Community.

We will be live streaming from the Shrine Room at 7am every morning (including the first one), so you can join the Padmaloka community in the chanting of the Tiratana Vandana and for meditation. There will also be a live streamed puja from the Padmaloka Shrine Room on the second evening.

There will be a study session held using Zoom each morning which will start at 10:50am and finish at 1pm, with a break in between.

Follow this link to reserve your place: https://bit.ly/MGAandV