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A Message from Padmavajra

Jyotipala's 1976 Ordination Ceremony

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to be able to announce that Jyotipala will be having his Public Ordination at Padmaloka on Tuesday 28th March at 2.30 pm.

The ordination will mark Jyotipala’s re-entry into the Order. Jyotipala was ordained at Padmaloka by Bhante on 14th August 1976 - the first person to be ordained at Padmaloka. Jyotipala led a very full Order life, making outstanding contributions to the life and work of the Order, perhaps most notably in India. Sometime in the mid to late nineties, Jyotipala resigned from the Order, but his connection with Bhante and his friends in the Order never left him, becoming stronger in recent years.

Jyotipala will not be having another Private Ordination because his connection with Bhante and his ‘yidam’ are very much alive. I will be conducting Jyotipala’s Public Ordination. Our normal practice when someone rejoins the Order is for them to undertake both the private and public parts of the ordination. We are making an exception in Jyotipala’s case because he wanted to reaffirm his connection with Bhante as his Private Preceptor. Bhante is unable to conduct a new ceremony for him and considers that, in Jyotipala’s case, that connection is still very much alive and there is no need to renew it.

The Public Ordination will be open to any order members, mitras and friends who wish to attend. Please let Padmaloka know if you are planning to come.

Yours in the Sangha,