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New Buddhist Blog by Tarapalita

Tarapalita is an ex-Padmaloka community member who lived at Padmaloka until 2018. After living here for about five years he decided to take what he had learned and developed during his time here to Berlin, joining friends at the thriving Buddhistisches Tor Berlin.

As part of his contribution to Buddhism in Berlin and beyond, he has recently started a blog in which he shares his reflections on the Dharma and his own experience of living the Dharma life. That blog is The Berlin Buddhist Blog.

He is especially interested in talking about these things in a down to earth, practical manner. As he puts it, in his characteristicially straight-talking manner: 'I’m not interested in abstract/academic/pseudo philosophical discussions'.

The goal of his blog is to help us: 'explore the question of how we put Buddhism into practice in our urban jungles with anywhere near the intensity and vigor needed to gain freedom from our tight knots of egocentricity.

If you'd like to read more of his no-nonsense, straight talking and inspiring writing, you can view and subscribe here: https://theberlinbuddhistblog.com/


Image: line drawing by Aloka©