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New Padmaloka Talks Now Available

Last month, we hosted our final Great Gathering of the year. The theme of the weekend was ‘Creating the Land of the Buddha: The Buddha's Social Revolution’.

During the weekend, two talks were given. The first talk, from Vadanya of the Sheffield Buddhist Centre, was called ‘Making the Pure Land’. The second talk, from Padmavajra, was called ‘Inspirations from the Dhamma Revolution’, drawing on the example of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and his followers.

Those talks are now available on Free Buddhist Audio, you can find them here:
Vadanya’s talk- http://bit.ly/VadanyaGG3talk
Padmavajra’s talk- http://bit.ly/PadmavajraGG3talk


detail of Refuge Tree painting by Aloka©