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New Talks by Maitreyabandhu and Jnanavaca

During the first weekend of October, from Thursday until Sunday, we held our Autumn Short Order retreat. The retreat was led by Dharmacharis Maitreyabandhu and Jnanavaca from the London Buddhist Centre and the theme was 'Entering Emptiness: Approaches to Spiritual Death and Rebirth'.

During the retreat both Maitreyabandhu and Jnanavaca gave a talk. Those talks are now available for all to listen to on Free Buddhist Audio.

You can find them here:

Maitreyabandhu's talk 'Exploring Insight: Sadhana and the Goal': http://bit.ly/MaitreyabandhuExploringInsight

Jnanavaca's talk 'Exploring Insight: Three Myths': http://bit.ly/JnanavacaExploringInsight


Image: 5 Buddha Mandala painting by Aloka©