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- A series of live-streamed talks by Padmavajra -

During the Lineage of Kalyana Mitrata retreat at Padmaloka, Padmavajra gave a series of live-streamed talks for all men who’ve asked for ordination and Dharmacaris worldwide. The talks are now available for everyone on our YouTube channel.


In this series of talks Padmavajra will explore themes from the life of Urgyen Sangharakshita. What he will try to do is to show what he has learned from Bhante's life and how that influences his Dharma life. He also wants to explore how the Order emerges out of Bhante's experience and deepening understanding. He will also try to show how aspects of Bhante's life can help us in our practice here and now.

Although Padmavajra is not quite sure where these talks will take him, he does have a sense that in the course of these talks he will explore, the significance for us now of Bhante's response to the Diamond Sutra at age 16; what Bhante's Going Forth and living the life of homeless wanderer might mean for us. He also wants to contemplate what Bhante's fragmentary hints of deeper meditational experience might mean for us, as well as what Bhante means by spiritual community and the significance of Bhante's founding of the Order. There will also be references, of course, to Going for Refuge and the Bodhisattva ideal - and much else besides.


To access the playlist containing the talks, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdMFdIjrYJ62Wkk7kbxo7BFfgs2bu9ktc


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