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Sutra of Golden Light Talks Now Available

Last month, we held our annual 5-day Open Retreat, an opportunity for men who haven’t asked for Ordination to get a real taste of what it is to be on retreat at Padmaloka.
During this retreat, entitled ‘Changing Ourselves, Changing the World’, Dharmachari Saddharaja from the Cambridge Buddhist Centre gave a set of four talks about the Sutra of Golden Light, a very mysterious and highly revered Buddhist text which Saddharaja has been studying for the past thirty years.

Those talks are now available on Free Buddhist Audio. You can find them here:

Talk 1 ‘Entering Another World’- http://bit.ly/2019OpenRetreat1
Talk 2 ‘Holding Ourselves Up to the Golden Light’- http://bit.ly/2019OpenRetreat2
Talk 3 ‘Compassion In a Chaotic and Dangerous World’- http://bit.ly/2019OpenRetreat3
Talk 4 ‘Buddhism, Culture and the Golden Light’- http://bit.ly/2019OpenRetreat4

If you would like to attend an Open Retreat at Padmaloka next year we have two longer retreats that you can attend:

Essential Meditation in March led by Satyaraja and team- http://bit.ly/OpenRetreat2020
Open Retreat in October led by Jnanavaca and team- http://bit.ly/EssentialMeditation2020
Image: Buddha Rupa from the Padmaloka Shrine room, created by Aloka©