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The Taste of Freedom - Padmavajra

During the Men's Great Gathering at Padmaloka, Padmavajra explored the Buddha's proclamation that just as the great and mighty ocean has the taste of salt, the Buddha's Dhamma has the taste of freedom.
By freedom, the Buddha meant complete liberation from the wheel of life, but he also indicated the importance of social freedom.

In his talk, Padmavajra begins with a quotation from the great Indian Dalit leader, Dr B R Ambedkar on the occasion of the great mass conversion to Buddhism of hundreds and thousands of Dalits.

The talk focuses on the practices that lead to liberation, with a presentation of the Buddha's great teaching of the five teachings that lead to the maturing of the liberation of the heart. It was followed by a question and answer session during which themes were explored from Padmavajra's talk.

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