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Thank you to David

Here is David, a former long-term working guest at Padmaloka. He recently stayed on for a couple of weeks after attending a retreat to do some more work and connect with old friends in the community.

Knowing that David is skilled in building work, we decided that it would be a good opportunity while he’s here to replace the disabled access ramp that leads into the dining room. The old wooden one was becoming less stable over time and the wire we put on the surface to prevent slipping often had to be replaced.

Here are some photos showing the progress of the ramp over the two weeks it was being constructed. A tarpaulin covering was even put up so that progress wouldn’t be hindered by the rain!
Thanks very much to David for the time and effort he put into constructing the ramp. It’s certainly a big improvement both practically and aesthetically and it was great to have him around the community for this period.

If you would like to help make more improvement projects possible around Padmaloka, you can donate at https://www.padmaloka.org.uk/donate