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Theme for the 2015 Winter Retreat Announced

It's always worth looking a head a little way, not least when our Winter Retreat usually ends up fully booked with a waiting list...

Brahmaviharas and the Awakening of the Bodhi Mind

The four brahmaviharas -metta (love), karuna (compassion), mudita (altruistic joy) and upekkha (equanimity), - central to early Buddhism, - are also practised as the basis for the arising of the Bodhicitta.
This is an intensive meditation retreat, led by Satyaraja, in which we will enter deeply into the realms of the brahmaviharas. Padmavajra is also giving three talks on the theme of Bodhicitta. There will be instruction in meditating on the brahmaviharas, plenty of meditation, silence, devotional practice and the opportunity for personal meditation reviews.
Open to Order members and men who have asked for Ordination.

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