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Two New Talks by Padmavajra on the Diamond Sutra

We're happy to announce that two new talks by Padmavajra are now available on our YouTube channel.

In these two talks on the Diamond Sutra, given on the Padmaloka men's winter retreat devoted to the Diamond Sutra and Just Sitting, Padmavajra speaks on the opening of the sutra and the Buddha's response to Subhuti's question on how a Bodhisattva "should stand, how progress, and how train their mind". He also explores viewing the conditioned as if it were stars. In the course of his talks he talks about Bhante's life in relation to the sutra and references the story of Dabba of the Mallas. He also does his best to show how The Diamond Sutra might inspire us.

You'll find the videos via this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdMFdIjrYJ61mR8tFoYU5idnIO3ksMXQX

Any donations made for these videos will be greatly appreciated and will help to ensure Padmaloka's ability to continue running and putting out such material.


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