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- Urgent Appeal for Order Members in India -

The Abhayaratna Trust is raising money to help support Indian Order Members and Mitras in India to pay for Covid treatment privately as the public hospitals are currently overwhelmed.
Seven Order members have died recently due to Covid and it may yet get worse.
The Abhayaratna Trust are also giving grants for families to support themselves who have been unable to work due to Covid.

Any support given will go a long way in helping the movement in India in a time of crisis, please click here to make a donation: https://abhayaratnatrust.org/donate-now

Please follow this link to see Yashosagar explain more about the crisis in India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHMdI_fVhhg

To find out more about what the money will do to help and contribute to the situation, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdG7ZMrHmo0

Covid continues to cause great poverty, distress and death in India. Our Abhayaratna Trust grant team in India have let us know that currently 15 men and women in the Order there are in great need and unable to pay for medicine, food and even oxygen, now that free public supplies are running out.

An additional 51 Order members around India need support to buy food and pay their basic household bills during the second wave of covid, as they are unable to work.
We would like to give the equivalent of £150 to each of those 15 needing to fund medical help, and £60 to every woman and man who has asked us for living costs help.
Can you help us by donating today £60 or £150 or any amount of your choice?

The money is needed as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate if you are able to give this support to our sisters and brothers in the Order in India.