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Padmasambhava Day

This is a photo of the Padmaloka Padmasambhava Day shrine.

Padmasambhava is known in Tibet as the second Buddha. He is a semi-historical figure credited with bringing Buddhism to Tibet. He did this by transforming the 'demons' that each night tore down the monastery that he had built in the day. For this reason he is associated with transformation, particularly with the transformation of our subconscious 'demons' so that they work for us, rather than against us.

Thank You to Paul

Here is Paul Klein with his completed Buddha Tile.

Earlier this month, Paul left Padmaloka to go back home to the Cuernavaca Buddhist Centre in Mexico. He has been living here for the past 8 months as a long term working guest. He has been working in the garden along with helping out in the kitchen when needed.

During this time Paul has contributed greatly to Padmaloka. He has worked really hard and the fruits of his efforts were visible in the beautiful flower beds during the summer. He's also been a kind and inspiring presence in the community as a whole.

New Padmaloka Talk Available

Last month the annual East Anglian Men's Retreat took place at Padmaloka. This retreat brings together men from various centres, including Cambridge Buddhist Centre, Colchester Buddhist Centre, Ipswich Buddhist Centre and Norwich Buddhist Centre.

During this weekend, Dh Sarvananda gave a talk entitled 'From Literal to Liberated Mind' in which he spoke about how engaging with the arts can awaken our imagination and open up the rich world of myth and symbol.