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Milarepa: Devotion, Lineage and Discipleship

Friday, 25 May 2018 to Wednesday, 30 May 2018

On this special five-day Going for Refuge retreat, we will be learning from the great yogi Milarepa. In particular we will be learning about the place of devotion, lineage and discipleship in the Dharma life. Milarepa's life is an awe-inspiring example of unswerving devotion to the Dharma life as transmitted to him by his teacher Marpa. But Milarepa's later life reveals the complexities of communication with a teacher, especially through the stories of Milarepa and his 'moon-like' disciple Rechungpa. Sangharakshita has led many seminars on the many stories of Milarepa and Rechungpa. During the retreat, we will be seeing what we can learn from these stories for our Dharma life now.

The retreat starts with dinner on the first day at 6:30pm and finishes on the final day at 10.00am.

Led By: 
The Ordination Team
Retreat Open To: 
Men training for ordination & Dharmacharis
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