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Fearless Love - Weekend Retreat for Men Aged 18-35

Friday, 15 November 2019 to Sunday, 17 November 2019
'Don’t go along that road monk, for on that road is Angulimala: brutal, bloody-handed, devoted to killing & slaying…'

The Buddha’s encounter and conversion of the murderer Angulimala gives a vivid and mysterious account of his skill in communicating the way out of suffering, even in the very face of death. His compassion takes him into the forest to meet a murderer, causing Angulimala to stop and finally bring to an end the profound suffering he has caused.

What does this story tell us about life, death and how to escape destructive cycles?

Come and share in a weekend of talks, discussion, meditation, ritual and friendship, where we can explore and be transformed by the fearless love of the Buddha.

The weekend starts at 6:30pm with dinner on the Friday and finishes after lunch on the Sunday at about 2:30pm.

there is now the option to pay a 'facilitator's rate' of £25 for those who wish to commit to coming on the retreat with the intention of trying to rally more men to come along with them from their local context.

Led By: 
Led Satyakirti
Prajnahridaya and team
Retreat Open To: 
Open to all men between the ages of 18 and 35 years
Booking Availability: 

This retreat is no longer open for bookings