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Guru Yoga: The Blissful Path to Liberation

Sunday, 17 November 2019 to Sunday, 24 November 2019

In 1962 Bhante received the Padmasambhava abhishekha from Venerable Kachu Rinpoche. Shortly afterwards he found in Kalimpong bazaar the Tibetan text of the Tharpe Delam or Smooth Road to Emancipation, which describes the preliminary practices for the Padmasambhava Sadhana.

Kachu Rinpoche instructed Bhante in these practices. Among them is a wonderful Guru Yoga. It involves transforming ourselves into the archetypal disciple, Vajrayogini and then invoking the adhisthana of our teacher, Padmasambhava, the Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara and Amitabha. It is an intensely devotional wisdom practice, which culminates in merging with the Guru and dissolving into the light of Great Bliss.

On this Order retreat Padmavajra will introduce and lead the practice. Throughout the day we will perform this Guru Yoga, ending each day with celebratory pujas invoking the precious Gurus.

“O my own Immediate Sri Lama Rinpoche,
Abiding within the lotus of my heart,
May you never separate from me,
But, on the contrary, remain inseparable….”

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Padmavajra and team
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