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Padmaloka Open Festival Day - Creating the Lotus World...

Sunday, 28 June 2020

...Love, Friendship and Community for Everyone

This year’s Padmaloka Festival will be completely devoted to love, friendship and community. There is no doubt that everyone needs more love, friendship and community in their lives and this day will be devoted entirely to that theme.

Padmaloka means ‘Lotus World’, because here we try our very best to develop love, friendship and community, not just for ourselves, but as something to share with everyone.

We will spend the day meditating on love, performing rituals evoking the great love of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. We will listen to talks on the theme and, of course, enjoy being with one another in friendship and community amidst the beauty of Padmaloka. We will be doing all this to go into the world, in the Buddha’s words “for the happiness and the benefit of everyone”.

You are invited to join us for a day of Dharma, reflection, meditation and puja that is open to all who practise within Triratna.

Booking via the website is essential. Places are limited. Lunch is provided.

Led By: 
Sanghanistha and friends
Retreat Open To: 
Open to all
Retreat Type: 
Open Retreat
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Retreat Cancelled