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Cherish The Doctrine, Live United, Radiate Love - Online

Friday, 12 March 2021 to Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Cherish the Doctrine. Live United. Radiate Love.

These bold and inspiring statements from Dhardo Rimpoche show us what a Dharma life looks like and will guide us as we explore the value of spiritual friends and teachers in the life of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Dhardo Rimpoche gave Sangharakshita the Bodhisattva ordination in 1962, after which they became close friends. This significant friendship is at the heart of Sangharakshita's communication of the dharma and illustrates what it means to train for Ordination. Through hearing about their lives and friendship, discussion, meditation and ritual we will come to see the importance of friends and teachers in our own lives.

Details and Timings

The retreat will start with hellos and an introduction at 8pm on the first evening, and finish with meditation and transference of merits on the final morning at 7am. The complete programme for each full day of the retreat will be sent out closer to the start of the retreat, and it will include morning meditation at 7am, a mid-morning event, a mid-afternoon event, and an evening event.

Each event will be done via the online platform Zoom, and further technical details will be sent out when you book.

Preparing for an Online Event

To make the most of the event we recommend that as far as possible you create retreat-like conditions at home. This might include reducing input, maintaining a daily meditation practice, and taking time to reflect and absorb the meditation and study. You can find some more ideas and guidance on being on an online event here: A Guide to Online Events

A Dana Event

After a deposit of £35, these events will be run on a donation basis.

There will be an opportunity to donate on the last day, or you can do so any time online, but please be aware that by law we are unable to refund donations once they have been given.

Dana gives an opportunity to be a part of the culture of generosity that sits at the heart of Padmaloka, to help keep that heart alive and thriving, and to contribute towards the short and long term ability of Padmaloka to be able to keep on giving that most precious and essential gift of the Dharma to as many men as possible, so please do consider donating what you can based upon your circumstances.

Please Note: Bookings for this event will close on Thursday 11th

Banner and thumbnail image: Dhardo's Gaze

Led By: 
The Padmaloka Ordination Team
Retreat Open To: 
Men training for ordination and Dharmacharis in UK and Europe
Retreat Type: 
Going for Refuge Retreat
Booking Availability: 
Fully Reserved

This retreat is now fully booked