Our Values

A Retreat Centre For Men

At Padmaloka we provide something rare and precious: an intensive and focused environment in which men can explore the Dharma life together and deepen their Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels of Buddhism - the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The residential community live and work in semi-monastic conditions which you partake in when coming on retreat.

Our community has agreed that retreats will be for men only*.

(For women, Triratna offers public retreats at Taraloka and ordination training retreats at Tiratnaloka. We also have plenty of mixed retreats at retreat centres such as Rivendell and Dhanakosa, and Buddhafield offers very popular family retreats).

The Spirit of Being on Retreat

Ethical practice forms the core of our retreats and creates the basis from which all of the activities here emerge.
The resident community at Padmaloka strive to uphold and continually strengthen their practice of the following principles of ethics, and we expect all those who come to Padmaloka - retreatants, volunteers and guests to do the same.

The following is an abridged form of the 'Padmaloka Code of Ethical Conduct', to read the full version please click here .

We uphold a culture of friendliness, integrity, and kindness.

I undertake the training principle of abstention from harming living beings.
With deeds of loving-kindness, I purify my body.

Our activities aim to support the spiritual awakening of the individual for the benefit of all beings, through an ever-deepening Going for Refuge to the Buddha, his Dharma, and his spiritual community. We do what we can to support and promote the welfare of all those who are a part of Padmaloka’s activities.

Spiritual community has been defined by our founder, Sangharakshita, as ‘the free association of individuals’, a true individual being someone whose actions are guided by the highest ethical standards.

It is vital that those in positions of trust and authority at Padmaloka do not misuse their trusted position or authority – real or perceived - for their benefit or to influence others inappropriately and recognise that they are bound by UK law and any relevant regulations related to the activities of the charity.

Further, physical violence and verbal aggression have absolutely no place among us.

A meat-free environment
Padmaloka only provides vegan food and meat/fish is not to be consumed on our premises.
In addition, we actively work to reduce and minimise our impact on the environment.

We uphold a culture of open-handed generosity and appropriate use of resources.

I undertake the training principle of abstention from taking the not given.
With open-handed generosity, I purify my body.

The Buddhist tradition teaches that the highest form of generosity is the gift of the Dharma, this forms the heart of what Padmaloka gives.

The Buddhist tradition also encourages the gift of fearlessness and regarding this, those involved with the work of Padmaloka are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that gives people confidence in the Dharma and in Padmaloka itself.

Those of us who handle money, property, or other resources for Padmaloka will take care of them and avoid their deliberate misuse or misappropriation. Traditionally, all the property and resources of a Buddhist monastery were considered to belong to the Buddha and any misuse was an extremely serious ethical breach.

We uphold a culture of friendship and respect for others.

I undertake the training principle of abstention from sexual misconduct.
With stillness, simplicity, and contentment I purify my body.

Triratna is a community of people practising the Buddha’s teachings together with a strong emphasis on spiritual friendship.

It is a requirement of our retreats that participants refrain from all sexual activity with others, including making any form of sexual advancement.

Electronic devices
Electronic devices can draw us away from a life of contentment and depth into one of distraction, craving and superficiality. Hence, we ask that you turn off all electronic devices for the duration of your retreat.

Our retreats, in effect, form celibate monastic communities which are supported by the semi-monastic resident Padmaloka community.

We uphold a culture of honest, kind, helpful, and harmonious communication.

I undertake the training principle of abstention from false speech.
With truthful communication, I purify my speech.

In all our dealings with those we teach we are committed to truthful, meaningful, helpful, and harmonious communication, written or spoken.

We wish to create an atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation and trust. We will share information carefully, motivated by the desire for the well-being and spiritual progress of those we discuss whilst taking note of GDPR responsibilities.

We will encourage ethical reflection and disclosure in our community, taking care to emphasise that this happens in its own time and at its own pace.

We uphold a culture of clarity and mindfulness.

I undertake the training principle of abstention from intoxication.
With mindfulness clear and radiant I purify my mind.

Padmaloka supports the individual and collective development of wisdom and compassion through creating and maintaining conditions that support deepening awareness.

We aspire to engage with our practice and with each other with as much mindfulness as possible.

We will not serve alcohol or other intoxicants – legal or illegal – at our events, nor shall we permit their consumption on our premises or during our events.

Smoking and e-cigarettes/vaping are not permitted on our premises, we ask you to do so off the grounds if needs be.

* Our retreats are open to all men including trans men - please contact us if you are a trans man so that we can discuss how best to support you here, you can speak to the guest master using the following details: 01508 538112, info@padmaloka.org.uk