Our Values

A Retreat Centre For Men

At Padmaloka we provide something we consider rare and precious: an intensive and focussed environment in which men can take time to explore the Dharma life together and deepen their Going for Refuge to Three Jewels of Buddhism - the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The residential community lives and works in semi-monastic conditions and provides temporary monastic conditions for our retreats.

Thus, our community has agreed that retreats will be men-only*. We ask our women visitors not to stay overnight or visit bedrooms.

(For women, Triratna offers public retreats at Taraloka and ordination training retreats at Tiratnaloka. We also have plenty of mixed retreats at retreat centres such as Rivendell and Dhanakosa, and Buddhafield offers very popular family retreats).

Maintaining the Spirit of Retreat

Each Padmloka retreat forms a monastic practice community for its duration, a vital requirement for this is entering into the spirit of going forth: intelligently letting go of those things that hold us back to make way for ever more creative actions of body speech and mind. Below are some of the areas this requirement specifically extends into.

A celibate environment
One aspect of the monastic conditions we provide on our retreats here is celibacy (brahmacharya). Those on retreat undertake to support us (and their fellow retreatants) by abstaining from all forms of sexual activity whilst here on retreat.

Mobile phones, tablets, electronic devices
We have found that on balance, mobiles, smart-phones, electronic notebooks, tablets, netbooks, laptops, smartwatches, MP3 players etc. have a detrimental effect on the monastic conditions of our retreats. Despite their benefits in day-to-day life, we have found such electronic devices to be a cause of distraction for oneself and others.

For this reason, those coming on here are required to switch off completely (not just flight mode) all electronic gadgets for the duration of the retreat whether on or off the premises.
If you have any questions about please contact the Guest Master: info@padmaloka.org.uk 01508 538112.

We are a meat-free, smoke-free, drug and alcohol-free retreat centre
While at Padmaloka, those on retreat undertake to not consume recreational drugs or alcohol, smoke or eat meat or fish. Those who do need to smoke are asked to do so off the premises.

The Welfare of Others

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
Retreats at Padmaloka are for men aged 18 or over. However, children do visit us from time to time, for example in school groups or as friends, family or neighbours. We take our safeguarding responsibilities seriously, both in regard to any visits from those under 18, as well as the adults who attend our retreats.
Alongside our practice of the Buddhist ethical precepts, central which are the avoidance of harm and benefitting others, we have a full set of safeguarding policies and procedures which are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.

Read the Padmaloka Child Protection Policy
Read the Padmaloka Safeguarding Adults Policy

If you have any questions about this then you can contact our main safeguarding officer: 01508 538112 safeguarding.padmaloka@protonmail.com

* Our retreats are open to all men including trans men. If you have any questions about this or would like to contact us about it please get in touch: 01508 538112, manager@padmaloka.org.uk