Padmaloka community

This is the Padmaloka community, who you will get to know as you come on retreat at Padmaloka. A group of men living, working and practicing the Dharma together.

Ordination Team

Surata is the longest standing member of the community and one of the founding members of the Ordination team, arriving here in October 1988 upon the invitation of Subhuti. Surata has been practising and teaching Yoga for more than 35 years, mainly for the fun of it and to keep his body flexible enough to maintain a regular meditation practice.

Although he originally trained and taught in the Iyengar system, he went through a few years of experimenting with other styles of Yoga. In recent years he has been particularly interested in the work of Vanda Scaravelli, as well as taking a broad interest in many areas of bodywork.

Ordination Team

Satyaraja moved from Sweden in 2002 to join the Padmaloka Ordination Team. He is now a Private and Public Preceptor helping ordain men into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Satyaraja leads very well attended meditation retreats and is known for his time spent in the Triratna meditation centre in Wales – Vajraloka. He brings clarity, friendliness and abundant energy. In his spare time he enjoys running, jazz, film and walking in the country.

Ordination Team

Padmavajra has lived at Padmaloka since August 1990. He came here to join the team of order members that help men to prepare for ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

The personnel of the resident community has changed a lot too, only he and Surata in the present community are from those times, but there is a sense of continuity. Padmaloka has gone through and will continue to go through many changes, but there is a spirit that remains constant.

Ordination team secretary

Dharmadipa was born in 1965 in Germany and got involved with the Triratna Buddhist Community at the age of 20. He was ordained in 1994, from 1997 on he worked 10 years for the Essen Buddhist Centre where he taught Buddhism and Meditation and was also involved with the running of the centre.

He joined Padmaloka in March 2007 as a member of the Ordination Team. He is also the Ordination Team Secretary.

Ordination Team

Vidyadaka joined the Ordination Team in 2020 after 16 years of living and working at the London Buddhist Centre, where he first came into contact with the Dharma in 1998. Prior to this he had worked as a graphic designer for various TV channels.

At the LBC he devoted his time to managing the Centre, organising events, leading retreats, teaching the dharma and helping sustain and create a spiritual community through friendship.

Vidyadaka also spends time painting and visiting friends.

Centre chair

Sanghanistha became interested in Buddhism in his teens and made contact through the Colchester Buddhist Centre aged 22. Inspired by the ideal of a 360° Dharma life, he has lived in community in Colchester, worked in the Ipswich Evolution shop, as well as helping start and run the Buddhafield East project before coming to Padmaloka in 2008.

Sanghanistha started life here as cook and kitchen manager and has also been the maintenance man and centre manager. He is now the Centre Chair.

Sanghanistha was ordained at Guhyaloka in 2011, his name means he who is intent on, depending on, grounded on and devoted to the spiritual community.

In his spare time Sanghanistha enjoys physical exercise and dance.

Centre manager & Safeguarding officer

Satyakirti came to Padmaloka following a 5-month Dharma training course at Adhisthana, which he attended after completing an Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree at Sussex University. He's performed a number of responsibilities at Padmaloka, including housekeeper, kitchen manager, deputy manager, guest master and maintenance man.

He is currently the centre manager and safeguarding officer.

He has an interest in sculpture, literature and spending time in nature. His name means 'He who's Glory is in Truth', and he was ordained in 2018.

Maintenance man

Akashaja arrived at Padmaloka to join the community on March 1st 2020. He has taken on the role of the maintenance man, having previously been self-employed renovating and repairing people's houses and homes where he used to live in West Wales.

He has found at Padmaloka a life that he loves - practising meditation, studying and hearing the Dharma. Maintaining, repairing and improving the condition of Padmaloka - for the sake of Padmaloka and its community as well as for all those who come here on retreat.

Akashaja was ordained in 2021 and his name means 'Man of the sky'.
He also has a passion for motorcycles - tinkering, customising and touring.


Alan joined the community in April 2023 and took on the role of gardener. Before then, he lived in Shrewsbury. He completed the Dharma Life course at Adhisthana in 2019 and has been keen to live in community ever since.

He is focused on increasing his embodied mindfulness, in addition to studying the Dharma, building friendships and serving others.
He also enjoys board gaming, D&D and martial arts.

Kitchen Manager

Jack is our kitchen manager and is a man who strives to cook the best food he can for the community and retreatants, he has a keen sensitivity for flavours and a lot of energy to put into the work.

Before coming to Padmaloka he completed a fine art degree in Falmouth University, Cornwall. He takes great pleasure in meditation, painting, friendship and Dharma Study.

Trainee Manager

Amaladasa joined Padmaloka at the end of December 2021. He completed a Dharma life course at Adhisthana in 2021 and was ordained in April 2024.

He has a great passion for the outdoors, and particularly for adventure, having travelled through many countries in his life in various different ways.


In March 2022, Oscar moved to the UK from Sydney in order to become more deeply immersed within Buddhism. After five months of hitchhiking and walking between different communities and centres, he did the Dharma Life Course at Adhisthana before joining Padmaloka as the new bookkeeper.

He is very much into meditation, reflection and study, while also devoted to developing deep friendships. Some of the key themes in his Dharmic life include Faith, the Mythic and Eros.

In his spare time he likes to read and write poetry, study Chinese language and culture, and be immersed in literature and film.


Ricky has joined the Padmaloka community after working as an Architect in Southampton, where he was very involved in the centre and Sangha.


Andrew has moved to Padmaloka from West Wales, where he lived with friends and practiced the Dharma.